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i somewhat miss the military

February 1, 2010

quick side note: how awesome is the web design on this blog? an army buddy told me about how easy it was to set up a blog… i read about it in time magazine..  they compared blogger and wp.. decided to go with dp because of the nicer styling…

anyways, welcome to this blog! i’ve been urged many many times to get one up. now it is finally a reality! took me an hour to figure everything out (im not that expert with computers) but its all good…

now that i have it up though i dont know exactly what to write about.. haha how ironic… all is good.. im back in missouri.. my brother is thinking about joining the military… of course he is getting the ridiculous BS that is going on about there… about people getting reassigned, getting stop listed, having to serve longer in iraq and afghanistan longer than they originally hoped… some of these are definitely true.. but no one can deny that you are serving your country and protecting the freedoms you were born with and unfortunately too many people today take for granted…

we talked about it while hunting and using this sweet new pair of military binoculars i got.  practiced some basic military tactics… he really likes the stuff, we both have a natural affinity to it.

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